Life Plan

It seems that just about every organization in the world has, in the least, a purpose for which they exist. This may be a few lines of text on a website, or a well defined mission / vision / values. Additionally, organizations develop goals, identify risks, and create strategies to overcome them.

So why is it that people don’t do the same? Why do we grant so much thoughtfulness to our organizations, but none to the course of our own lives?


To evolve as a human being and to have a positive impact on the world around me.


A life where every minute is experienced in completion, and where every action is meaningful or impactful to the world around me.


To live by and promote the products, services, lifestyles, and thought currents that I feel are most beneficial to the planet and the people in it.


Authenticity – Being established in the peak of my possibility and capability.

Integrity – Fulfilling the words and thoughts that I give to myself and others.

Responsibility – Responding to life from the truth that I am whatever that happens inside me and around me.

Enriching – Taking responsibility to enrich and expand myself and others.



For personal experience about life

  • Create and implement a daily spiritual practice
    • Include components of meditation, gratitude, power manifestation, contemplation, and completion
  • Track addictive, mindless, and lazy habits.
  • Eat extra 250 calories/day

For meaningfulness and impactfulness of actions

  • Create a 10 year road map mapping out training, milestones, and professional progression
  • Accelerate progression with
    • Community and NFP contributions
    • Side businesses and/or consulting
    • Writing

See 10 Year Road Map